An Energetic Olympian is someone who knows that the Law of Attraction is just the starting blocks to creating a life of pure unadulterated freedom!

Freedom to spend more TIME with those you love, doing what you desire.

Freedom to earn & invest money the way YOU desire.

Freedom from stress/anxiety/worry/fear

Freedom to speak your truth, no matter who is listening.


Freedom to LEAD the world into the Superconscious Era.

The real "Secret" for creating THAT level of Freedom you have been chasing for years stands on 3 fundamental pillars  —


Impeccable Standards of who/what you give your energy to +

Supreme Integrity in holding those standards no matter what + 

Radical Trust in your intuition & the Universe

Freedom Frequency Shift

Motivation from FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) never works. 
Motivation towards FREEDOM is the way to hack the Law of Attraction & receive every dream on your heart!

Within 2 weeks you could living a totally different life- one that has you feeling like you have "finally arrived" instead of still running the same rat race.


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RADICAL TRUST idea is the most important belief of the Energetic Olympian!


When we trust our intuition we unlock our hidden genius, and with that we become our own best healer & psychic. 


The framework of an Energetic Olympian is so simple, yet is overlooked by so many as they traverse the Law of Attraction realm.


So many successful spiritprenuers are still stuck in the same cycle as their clients, just on a different level-


  • Seeking new ways to avoid the pains of being controlling
  • Not trusting others to do anything “right” (and vicariously themselves for not choosing the “right” person)
  • Burning out on keeping up with all the new energetic shifts that are occurring on the planet/ Collective consciousness
  • Never fully EMBODYING their Divine purpose the way they desire to.


Energetic Olympians are willing to do whatever it takes no matter what to achieve their deepest desires- and do so WITHOUT the burnout associated with the hustle & grind mentality.

This dedication to freedom is why I have come to the planet at this time.

We are at a critical juncture between the old Piscean ways ("The Patriatchy") and the Age of Aquarius ("Superconscious Era").

NOW is the time we must bring back the magick, that was buried, when the witches were burned. 

This is the time for the Dark Mother, the Divine Feminine, the Kundalini to hold her frequency of pure creation!

NOW is the opportunity for YOU to change the trajectory of the entire planet (something only those with the tenacity of an Olympic athlete can truly undertake).

Hello, I am Caryn Terres & I empower highly driven & focused individuals to resource their own divinity & take meaningful leadership positions as we shift the planet into the frequency of FREEDOM!.

Meet Caryn

The Freedom Frequency simply means you are FREE to feel the Entire human experience without shame/guilt/regret.

No regrets. Ever.

Transcend your human limitations.


Learn how to easily master self; sabotages, fatigue, limiting beliefs and un-resourceful behaviors. 


Master the art of channeling and using channeling to bring the formless into form. 


Highly attune Clairvoyance, Channeling, Telepathy, Precognition, Precognisance and Clairaudience and master the art of utilizing these abilities to create all of your desired outcomes. 


Fill the lifelong empty void inside through deep connection to the Universe, and an intrinsic feeling of belonging, purpose and attunement with your reason for being.


Get fully aligned and in the fast lane with your desires and goals by easily accessing pure clarity in relation to your life and business on demand. 

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You will learn TWO crucial foundational ideas that will truly allow you to be a channel of divinity, fully embodied, in the message that you are here to share with the planet as we create New Earth.


     1. Trifecta of Success (the HACK for the Law of Attraction)

     2. Manifesto of Freedom (the creed of Energetic Olympians)

     3. BONUS VIDEO Building the Foundation (How to marry the Trifecta & Manifesto to build your dream life)

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